Hydrama Grand Hotel


A contemporary luxurious 5 stars hotel, located in the restored 19th century Herman Spierer tobacco house.

Meeting point of East and West. Where history and culture meet luxurious benefits and a wine destination unique to each kind.

Located at the magical wetland of Santa Barbara, Drama, ranked among the 60 best urban parks of Europe.An ideal safe house for ducks and birds, consisted of lakes, waterfalls, sycamore trees, paths and small bridges blending together harmoniously and cover an area of 60 acres.

The Spierer tobacco house was built in 1924 by the Austrian architect Konrand Von Vilas for the Swiss tobacco merchant Herman Spierer and because of its dominant presence it was called by the locals “the Spierer skyscraper”.

A historic listed monument of industrial architecture featuring large rooms for the processing and the mature of the tobacco leaves.

The restoration process was done with the utmost respect for both the wooden interior and the stone exterior of the warehouse.

Stone and 20th century timber are the principal materials of the constriction that blend in harmoniously with the minimal Italian design contemporary.

HYDRAMA GRAND HOTELis equipped with a unique wine dispenser and a well-informed wine warehouse cellar (labels vary from local to international).

Crystal Cave by Swan Spa is our beauty and wellness center, featuring the Crystal Cave (a room with Himalayan salt covered walls and hot seats).

Excursions and tours regarding Historic, Religious and wine tourism as well as eco-tourism and our door activities take place on a regular basis.

We care about our environment


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