Polyastron Place


Polyastron Place hotel is located on the first peninsula of Halkidiki, in Kassandra 64 km (approximately 1 hour driving) from SKG airport and 80 km from the center of the second largest city of Greece Thessaloniki. In an all green place with huge trees that cast their shadow upon the clear waters of the Aegean. With beaches that deservedly hold for years the title of the cleanest beaches. A place between the forest and the sea that accommodates its guests.

Calmness, serenity and privacy characterizes your stay in our accommodations. A private place of 12 acres protected from the noise and cosmopolitan traffic. But it does not deprive entertainment from the customer who can enjoy his drink, food, dancing and having fun just 10 minutes away. But knowing that the ultimate relaxation awaits him in Polyastron.

The simple luxury of the room with their private terraces and balconies, where everyone can enjoy special beverages and drinks as well as unique traditional dishes based on special nutritional combinations that we offer from our snack bar in the hotel.

The guest can choose and experience a full holiday package of his own choice, by choosing what to eat, which road trips or environmental walks he will make, which treatments or cures he will select. Where his children can be taken care and much more through the hotel’s benefits or simply relax in the pool watching the beautiful forest on one hand and on the other hand the specially groomed interior of the hotel, by reading a book of our library or listening to the special music in the hotel lobby.

The routes of transport we provide will help to enjoy the beaches of the coast Sani, but will also give you the ability to discover other beaches more or less nearby to fill your luggage with the nicest holiday memories!

We care about our environment


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